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“Best Tennis – I take lessons from Angelina and I can tell you this, she has the focus, knowledge and skills to motivate you to the next level. Don’t just take lessons from someone that teaches at the local club and doesn’t have recent experience. Angelina has played the tournaments and knows how the game as changed over the past 10 years. Trust me you will be very happy you chose her for your tennis instruction and/or training. She will probably get booked up if you don’t act soon and get yourself into her schedule.” ~BK


“I was in LA for a few days on business and was fortunate enough to have two lessons with Angelina. She was able to improve my game within just the first lesson. Her lessons were at a different level all together. What makes her different is her ability to actually observe and see the mistakes you are making that most would completely miss, and then point those out to you with a tailored solution. It’s like she’s able to replay your strokes in slow motion in her head. She is able to meticulously explain the proper technique specifically for you with imagery and the logic behind her explanation, so that you can not only try to replicate it, but you can also remember it. You will immediately discover how much knowledge she has on tennis. Finally, because she is such a high level player herself, she can demonstrate the techniques and she makes it look so easy! When she did a few tennis serves as an example, I think I might have seen flames coming off the back of the tennis ball! A phenomenal tennis coach, a high level athlete and to top it off, such a wonderful person. Look no further, you’ve found your tennis coach.” ~Clinton


“Very good with kids as well – Angelina teaches my eleven-year-old daughter and works out with her as well. She is an outstanding motivator and understands how to push, but not too far. She has had a very positive impact on my daughter both physically and as a role model. She has really been able to create a bond that goes beyond just being a coach. I could not recommend her more highly. Oh, and for you Dads out there, she’s fun to watch as well.” ~JJ


“Excellent Instructor. Very productive lessons. – I’m a beginning player but have gone to a couple of instructors. Angelina is by far the best. The last instructor i had was basically a ball machine with a couple of instructions points here and there. Angelina is constantly working on my swing throughout the practice and i feel that it is a much more efficient and productive hour of my time. Communication with her is great and she is always on time and never cancels lessons. When I first read her credentials I thought that she was just one of those really good players that would be a mediocre teacher (the best players are not necessarily the best coaches)…I was wrong…she’s great and i’m still taking lessons with her.” ~RL


“Ever since I started working with Lina my game has improved drastically. She has a good eyes for noticing smart technically flaws that no other coach has ever even notices. She’s also well rounded coach, by that I mean she knows how to work on every single part of my game she helps my game technically, strategically, and mentally.Lina coaches because she truly love’s the game, and love’s seeing all her students improve and achieve there goals, she isn’t in it for the money like most coaches.She is not only an amazing coach as well as an amazing person and role model, Lina and Julian has became part of my family. She also helped to recruit me to one of my dream Universities.” ~Jackie Findlay


“Angelina has REALLY helped my game! – Angelina is wonderful! She is always professional, on-time, and fun to learn from. I always look forward to my lessons with her. My boyfriend and I take lessons together and she is helping us get to the level where we can play together well. It’s great bonding for us – as well as being a hard work-out. Angelina pushes me hard, without making me feel discouraged. I always feel like a tennis champ after my lessons are over.” ~MH


“Best tennis instruction ever! – Angelina is an unbelievable tennis instructor. She is very methodical in her approach and is constantly working on fundamentals. Angelina also manages to keep each session fun and never repetitive or boring. She is always on time and responsive to any request. I am very glad I met her and will continue taking lessons from her!” ~MCobb


“Best tennis ever… – I’m a proverbial sports nut and I’ve taken lessons with several coaches in and around the LA area. I’ve had some good lessons and some mediocre ones but I’ve been receiving lessons from Angelina since early February and I have to say, I’m most impressed with her so far. Her wealth of professional experience is very transparent on the court and I find this very reassuring.I’m a firm believer in leading by example and to be honest, many coaches don’t display the level of real talent or passion for the game that Angelina does. They often just act as ball machines and, as a result, it takes long periods to really improve your overall game…I can empathize with previous reviewers entirely!

However, Angelina’s talent is obvious to see from the start. She’s very personable and her coaching style is direct and methodical… I was hitting solid ground strokes after just two lessons! On a personal note, I think she’s great fun; her passion for tennis is positively contagious!

I’d recommend her as one of the top coaches here in LA. She’s likely to improve your game within weeks.” ~RK


“Don’t let her cute looks fool! She means business… – Angelina has improved my game at the fastest rate in the past 10 years. I am an advanced-intermediate player at around 4.0-4.5 USTA level and I can say she’s a great coach as well as a trainer. I like being pushed to my physical limits during lessons so that I get a great cardio workout. She’s very versatile and has a great game to back it up. Don’t let her cute looks fool you, she’s a professional athlete and serious tennis pro.” ~SC


“Great Tennis Coach – Angelina is a great teacher. She is of course a very talented player, but more importantly, has the teaching skills and patience required to help people learn and get better at the game. Lessons with Angelina are challenging and fun; she definitely pushes you, but just the right amount. She does interesting drills that are remarkably effective. Additionally, Angelina is a great person: nice, funny, bright and bubbly. I definitely would highly recommend taking lessons with her” ~CD


“Angelina is an excellent instructor. She is an excellent player herself and was able to cater towards my competitive needs. She was able to instruct situationally in order to develop better strategy. The drills are intense and help improve problems. It won’t be a stand and swing type of lesson. She can improve every aspect of your game as well as talk to you about strategy. Her passion for tennis is evident and you can talk to her about professional level matches. I don’t recommend dogging on Djokovic though.” ~FF


“Best Tennis Instructor in LA!! – I have nothing but positive things to say about Best Tennis ever. The instruction is above all else. Whether your looking to play the best tennis of your life, loose weight, or just have some active fun, you have found the right place. 5 stars all the way!!” ~Reeb Tracy


“Improvement for neophytes – She has helped me as a beginner and my friend who is much more of a pro than I am!! She is friendly, patient and very good at what she does.” ~Mary Jean


“Great for beginners! – I had never played tennis before and did a google search for tennis instructors in my area. I found Angelina’s website, was impressed by her great reviews and called her the same day. I was even more impressed with her after my first lesson. She did a great job teaching me the fundamental skills of tennis while keeping the session interesting and fun. She was very encouraging and knew just how hard to push me physically to make the lesson a great work-out too. After only a few months of lessons, I can competitively play with people with years more experience. From a beginner’s perspective, if you want to learn how to play tennis the right way I HIGHLY recommend Angelina.” ~KC


“Wow! – Taking lessons with Angelina is truly a once in a lifetime experience. She always manages to get the best out of her students and makes you feel like a pro on the circuit. She’s the real deal.” ~RMoore


“Great, Personalized, Guaranteed improvement – Angelina’s taken me to the next level. I’m really glad I was able to find her, at the suggestion of a friend. I’ve seen my game improved, my forehand especially which has always been problematic. My level of consistency has increased by at least one level.

Another area of great improvement has been volleying and overhead work.

I’ve taken lessons for years, and don’t wish to be ungrateful to my previous teachers. But when other people on the court stop to tell you how much you’ve improved in such a short time, something is working right. Highly recommended.” ~TL


“Best Tennis Instructor – Angelina offers competitive rates, rarefied tennis experience and teaching ability. I took a block of 10 lessons from her, learned a lot and really developed my game. Taking lessons from Angelina was a total pleasure and one hell of a work out. I recommend her highly, as she is not only an excellent teacher but fun to talk to as well.” ~David Lieb


“AMAZING and WONDERFUL INSTRUCTOR! – Cares about your performance and improvement! Will go at your pace and has an extremely flexible schedule! Wonderful person as a Tennis Instructor and friend!” ~GW


“Angelina is a great instructor – The first time I ever stepped on a tennis court was for my first lesson. And what a disaster that was. If my racket managed to find the ball it was only because she held it in front of my racket. Seven lessons later I’m not only hitting the ball and serving but having fun. Angelina uses a system that can take you from never before played to being able to play in short order. She covers every aspect of the game, giving you time to master one skill before moving to the next. If you want to learn to play tennis, or improve your game, you want to call Best Tennis Ever.” ~RickB


“Highly recommended – My daughters are new to the game and I didn’t really know what to expect from the lessons, we were just testing the waters to see if they will be interested. Six months later we are still playing and loving every minute of it. Angelina, with her unique style, made my girls love this sport. Her positive attitude and professionalism comes through in her teaching skills. My girls fell in love with her, she is tough when it comes to the game and soft when she teaches their soul. We highly recommend Angelina.” ~Noga Cohen


“Great tennis instructor – After years of interacting with different tennis instructors for my daughter, we have found in Angelina an instructor that strongly foments tennis skills and techniques. She has the right balance in making the class fun for kids and at the same time serious enough to learn and improve their performance. Oh, and she is also very professional, always on time and always has a great attitude.” ~Sohia


“Very flexible – If your looking for a new sport or great new instructor Angelina would be the one to go to. Doing tennis with Angelina is extremely fun. You will learn the basics and move on in your own learning ability. She is very friendly, energetic and makes a great coach. Angelina Teaches many variety of ages. With Angelina’s coaching you will mentally want to be a better player and even want to be healthier. With my experiences I would definitely recommend Angelina.” ~TC


“Best tennis instructor on the Westside. – Angelina has been extremely professional and very driven. Her experience and talent has made my eight year old not only learn and improve her skills and technique but have great fun at the same time. Angelina has been most reliable and fun to work with. We highly recommend her.” ~DF


“Great for kids – Angelina has been giving private tennis lessons to my two daughters, ages 9 and 6, for several months now. She is the second instructor my children have had, and she is by far the best. My children were making some progress before, but the progress has accelerated remarkably under Angelina. My 9-year-old wanted to attend a tennis camp this summer, and I asked Angelina to get her ready to play at the intermediate level of this camp. She never could have played at that level before, but under Angelina’s tutelage she has not only held her own at camp, but is one of the three best players at her level.

Angelina is a patient and inspiring teacher for children, and she can even get my 6-year-old to focus and put in a good half hour of effort. Both of my girls look forward to their lessons with her, and I am thrilled at their progress. Tennis lessons are expensive and time-consuming, but if you want value and results for your investment, you cannot do better than Angelina.” ~Livadopolous